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Dec 20, 2012 7:00pm PST
to say good-bye to six-year-old katherine hubbard this morning. six-year-old benjamin and allison were held today. in services mourners remember the teachers ann marie murphy and lauren russo. teams continue to search the home where adam plan s&a lived with his mother for -- police believe the 20-year-old tabunman spent most of his time playing video games in the week before the shooting. they're trying to retrieve information from the damaged computer and trace the history of the gunned used purchased by his mother. >> today joe biden met with law enforcement from around the country to reduce gun violence. the task force is considering ideas including reinstating a ban on assault weapons closing the gun show loophole and restricting clips. president obama has asked for the press to be readyby next month. bay area students mourning the students who died in the tragedy. students are talking about the violence. >> it happened about half an hour ago, dozens of teening all about a decade older but not much younger than the gunman himself, determined to prevent such a tragedy here. ♪ oh
Dec 1, 2012 3:30pm PST
cards. george wooding, katherine howard and andrea oleri. >> good morning commissioners. my name is george gooding. i represent the college for san francisco neighborhoods. i would like to speak for a moment. now that the election proposition b has concluded, it is time to take a closer look at the results and what the numbers really mean. the coalition for san francisco neighborhoods representing 46 groups, the more than 25 additional organizations and is over 85,000 citizens have voted no on proposition b deeply love their parks, including people from conservative, moderate and progressive backgrounds. these people are joined together in their deep concern for the management of their park system. according to yesterday's sf examiner, the proponent spent over 950,000 promoting the bomb, the highest expenditure involving local propositions, over 100 times greater than mere funding spent by the no amb. in fact, yes amb spent 4 cents a vote compared to 10 cents a vote sent by no on b. despite this lopsided expenditure, if we compare to the 2008 bond it only managed to increase marg
Dec 6, 2012 1:00pm PST
that i have one card. katherine berg. >> thank you. good afternoon, supervisors. my name is katherine berg and i am here from madres to support this resolution, thank you, supervisor mar for putting it forward. the success of anti-domestic workplace policy ss first of all predicated on the demonstrative leadership and this resolution and the actions that it directs is an important first step in establishing that for the city and county of san francisco. so thank you. the director of women inc and we are a agency in the mission and thank you so much for your leadership on this issue. as you will see, in the family violence council. family violence is the number one reported crime in san francisco unfortunately and we will echo our hope for a workplace policy on domestic violence and we spoke about the positive impact that that could have not only for the survivors of domestic violence but for the co-workers and supervisor and everyone in the surrounding area at the workplace. something that i think is important to add, is that many of our clients come to us you know, they have been in
Dec 28, 2012 2:00am PST
embarrasses her. madison and katherine had a flirtation going on his sister in law is a few years older than him. next day madison feels sorry from saddy he decides he will sew up her sleeve for her. so this happens walking to school. slowly, saddy unbuttoned her dress and let it fall to her feet. she watched her brother sew because his fingers were stiff and cold and would not move he jabbed them again and again and when the blood came he sucked it until it was gone much the stitches were jag ed some tiny dots some long lines. the sleeves tucks too far in so the sleeve cuffed high on her wrist. material bunched at her neck giving it a hump. she had a lopsided look but smiled at her brother. all that morning madison watched his sister where she sat with the younger children her sleeve a bump on her shoulder. he thought how it used to be when they lived in town with their own man. a lot of the time it was madison and saddy alone in the house. mark would get money and their dad would go off on a drunk. mornings then the sun rose behind saddy's highs she would say, maddy you are hungry. he woul
Dec 15, 2012 9:00pm EST
dark thirty" directed by katherine bigalow and written by mark bowel, those responsible for "the hurt locker," and it's interesting to see that the cia's been cooperating, and, also, whether the account of the movie conflicts with the account in mark owen's books that conflicts with the act of bowden's book, piecing this together to piece together a comprehensive account of what really happened is like redoing rashaman. >> host: bob? >> guest: according to our book, broadwell's book did not do well in the commercial sense. it did not crack or top 400 any one week despite all the publicity, but there was another title call the requested all in" that made the list which was some sort of romance erotica, perhaps, somewhere in between there. i was not read either of "all in," the fiction and non-fiction. there's an interesting book coming out, talking about books coming out, and fred caplan has one called "the insurgents," considering a new breed of soldiers that tried to redefine the role of the military, and general petraeus is one much his major subjects, i think. be interesting to see
Dec 29, 2012 1:00pm EST
. for walter and our two previous ambassadors, john chester and katherine paterson, they have not only had open children's book week in new york but, of course, come to our national book festival, so we get a guarantee of a top-notch writer to the subjugation. but walter in particular shows a theme, reading is not optional. and we were able to send him during his first year through around the country. at the que visited some new places. louisiana tech book festival which was sponsored by the louisiana center for the book. and i would like you to, perhaps point to a couple of these wonderful experiences that i know you had come not only in places like festivals, but your concern about visiting detention centers and talking to young people in detention centers. >> one of the other qualifications you did not mention is that you have to be very handsome. [laughter] >> distinguished and at least 6 feet four. right. >> i am particularly interested. i wanted to know the reading levels, what they read, what was going on with their venture with books. and for me, i have been in this gamelan time. i have
FOX News
Dec 18, 2012 1:00am PST
katherine ham and juan williams. i apologize for the audience for mixing up an ak and ar 15. i'm not a gun guy, but i'm not totally ignorant about the issue, it's just that -- i made a mistake. so now i look like an idiot, but that's all right. juan, you heard the discussion. you heard the talking points. i'm putting you in charge now. you're president obama's top advisor on this issue. you tell him to do what? >> you know, first of all, i really appreciate your tone tonight. i think that you have america's heart because this is christmas season and the idea of those little kids -- >> bill: we want to protect the kids on every level and if we have to all sacrifice a little bit, i think we should. it's a complicated issue. mr. gottlieb was an excellent guest, by the way. he put forth his point of view with facts, not emotion. wasn't some wingo guy. you got to take that seriously. >> i do. i mean, i think you were right when you cited those numbers about the difference in levels of homicide by gun in the u.s., australia, and you can look at other developed countries. you mentioned canada. it
Dec 26, 2012 5:30pm EST
disputed it saying their mother was resting in arizona. katherine was restored as permanent guardian of michael jackson's children. whether this was a pleasure or guilty plerks audiences couldn't turn away from tlc's hit reality show "honey boo boo." rapper psy went from a relatively unknown performer to a worldwide phenomenon. it became the number one watched video on youtube with more than 970 million views, but psy's new found fame wasn't without crossers. harsh antiamericans he made during a performance in 2004 resurfaced online. he apologized saying his lyrics were emotionally charged and resulted from events in iraq. in one of the most surprising stories of the year, elmo puppeteer kevin clash was forced to leave sesame street because of relations with a minor. twilight's stars cress ten stewart -- chris ten stewart and rob better -- robert pattinson had been a couple. >> she released a very public statement asking robert for forgiveness. >> reporter: pat tin son did -- pattinson did forgive. after nearly six years of marriage, katie holmes filed for divorce against tom cruise.
Dec 30, 2012 12:15am EST
obligations and then it's up to them. for walter and our two previous ambassadors, john chaska and katherine patterson, they have not only open children's book week in new york but of course come to our national book festival so we are getting a guarantee of a top-notch writer through this obligation. but walter in particular chose a theme, "reading is not an option," and we were able to send him during his first year around the country and i think you've visited some new places. i do think he went to louisiana book festival. >> yes. >> which was sponsored by the louisiana center for the book. i would like you to perhaps point to a couple of these wonderful experiences that i know you had, not only at places like the festivals but your concern about visiting detention centers and talking to young people in detention centers. >> one of the qualifications you didn't mention was that you had to be very handsome. [laughter] >> distinguished with a small d and at least six feet four inches. >> i am particularly interested in prisoners. i want to know their reading levels, what did they read, what
Dec 15, 2012 11:00pm PST
, katherine hubbard, six years old, her family saying, we're greatly saddened by the loss of our beautiful daughter, katherine violet. anna green was seven. she grew up in a home with jazz. her brother survived in the school. her father saying they're struggling to work through the nightmare, and jesse lewis, six, his father was on the way to the cool to watch him make a ingerbread house, and we heard from one of the first responders who were inside the school. >> it was look wawchg something that was unreal. >> she watched as it dawned on parents as other ones left. >> they're going in that room to pick up their kids, and then seeing them leave, they're distraught, and from the position right here, trying to help and being helpless. >> she said some needed hugs, others simply needed someone to hold their hand. >> new details are emerging about what happened. authorities say adam lanza forced his way into the elementary school. >> ama: lanza shot 20 first graders. >> i believe everybody was hit more than once weapon did not bring the bodies and the families into contact. we took pictures o
Dec 28, 2012 4:30am EST
. facebook friends joanne thinks the answer is c., katherine hepburn. i tend to agree. meryl streep got 16 nominations and jack nicholson got 12 but katherine actually won the most statues. what do you think? we'll have more coming up, keep it here. >>> and welcome back. it is 3:55. we are looking at a forecast that is going to feature a lot of sunshine for today. our highs should make it into the 40s. but, tomorrow things change as we go from saturday it's cracking the opportunity for some light snow showers to begin to move on through overnight saturday night into saturday afternoon. accumulations of 1 to 3 inches. >>> olga we're looking at 355 in bethesda. water main repairs ongoing will impact at least a portion of your rush hour. one lane able to squeeze by to the right for at least the next couple of hours. back to you mike, jessica. >>> thanks bev. talk to you in a bit. 2013 just a couple of days away. monday night more than a billion people are expected to watch the ball drop in times square. yesterday, the workers installed the waterford crystal triangles on the ball. and they hav
Dec 25, 2012 12:00am EST
for the washington post. his wife will be here representing him, and that's nada bachary. katherine boo has been nominated, "behind the beautiful forever," about mumbai, and anne applebaum has a book out and is scheduled on our q & a show in september. so we'll be interviewing those authors as we go. we'll be watching the red carpet here as some of the authors have their picture taken. right now we want to talk to the chairman of the national book foundation, and this is david steinberger. mr. steinbergers is also head of the become group what is the national book airport. >> given to the best american books in four categories, fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and young people's literature, and you look at the people who have won this award, it's the pan of pantheons. saul bell wyoming. >> this began 63 years ago. do you know the history, why it began? >> it was group of people who were interested in making sure that great books had the greatest possible impact on the culture, and that's still our mission now. the first winner was "the man with the golden arm" which was later made into a movie by fr
Dec 25, 2012 4:00am PST
to that. >>> also ahead this morning, you know her from "dancing with the stars." katherine jenkins is here with a sa song that is absolutely perfect for this morning, christmas morning. i can't even bring myself to say shh because her voice is so incredible. >> it stops you in your tracks. >> i know. i could listen to it all morning. >>> something we want to show you. these kids, there's a surprise on the way. they don't know it, but santa is going to visit. >> making his way down the chimney, i believe, as we speak. we are pretaping the show, so we can be home with our families and loved ones. >>> we want to start, live, with the top stories developing right now. >> merry christmas, everyone. many people are waking up to a white christmas this morning. it is a blessing for the kids. for the adults, well, some conditions are causing christmas chaos. here's abc's rob nelson. >> reporter: no dreaming necessary this year. it is going to be a white christmas for large portions of the u.s., from new england to california's sierra mountains. >> this is as white as we want it to be. >> re
Dec 12, 2012 3:00pm EST
and then katherine and then back over here. >> over here, mr. chairman, thank you. two questions, taking the goldbarb rule into effect, one having to do with the cpi, a lot of debate about the boehner plan about the cpi. as an economist is there a logic going to that? do you think it's a move that should be done separate from the politics of it, and, again, with the economists at the labor market, you talked about the importance, not looking at 6.5% threshold but the broader conditions, a big debate, steve liesman's nemesis talks a lot about people being beamed to mars in. your mind what is happening to the job market? are we creating jobs? is that why it's coming down, or is it because people -- the degree of discouraged workers? what's your sense of how quickly it's fallen because of new employment? >> so on the first question the chain cpi versus the fixed weight cpi is a technical issue. the change cpi is better for most economists because it allows for changes in the mix of goods and services that people actually consume more effectively. however, whether that's more appropriate for say social s
Dec 26, 2012 8:00am PST
, katherine jackson, was missing, forcing a judge to suspend her guardianship of michael's three kids. >> katherine jackson is back home, and she says she wasn't kidnapped. >> mikell's siblings disputed the claim saying their mother was resting in arizona under doctor's order. a judge later restored katherine as permanent guardian of the children. >>> whether it was a pleasure or a guilty pleasure, audiences couldn't turn away from tlc's hit reality show "here comes honey boo boo" about a child beauty pageant and her family. rapper psy went from an unknown perform to her a worldwide phenomenon as "gangnam style" hit the web. the song and trademark dance shattered records online, becoming the number one watched video on youtube with more than 970 million views. psy's newfound fame wasn't without kroefrts. harsh anti-american remarks he made during a performance in 2004 resurfaced online. he apologized saying his lyrics were emotionally charged and resulted from events in the war with iraq. >>> new sexual misconduct accusations against the former voice of elmo. >> one of the most surpri
Dec 4, 2012 8:00pm PST
but it was made effective as of october 2011. >> and so prince william was seen going to visit katherine at the hospital again today. how do we know how she's doing? given the situation, they were forced to announce this much earlier than they normally would have. >> right. she is in hospital for the next few days, she is being treated and he is by her side. hopefully it went be long before we see them again. >> and coming up, internet security pioneer john mcafee wanted for questioning in the death of his neighbor. helium delivery. put it on my spark card! [ pop! ] [ garth ] why settle for less? great businesses deserve the most rewards! awesome!!! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99. military families face, we understand. at usaa, we know military life is di
Dec 6, 2012 12:00am PST
by katherine heigl and reese witherspoon. are they overpaid or just, you know just have great agents? >> great agents and maybe not great projects right now. i would like to be overpaid. >> still waiting for the next hit. >> john: i don't think they're overpaid. everybody else is underpaid. in the case of eddie murphy, he's had flop after flop. he needs to murder his agent. but that same article says -- every dollar they've paid eddie murphy that's brought back $2.30 at the box office. that's a better ratio than congress. let's fire them first. eddie murphy has been in horrible films. not that they're bad actors. they do crap films. >> joy: that doesn't seem to mean anything. some of the crappiest films make the most money. >> absolutely. >> i think eddie is an icon. katherine is on her way. who else? >> joy: katherine heigl and reese witherspoon. >> she's just the best. reese witherspoon, have you ever seen the movie -- >> john: ben stiller is on the list. jack black is on the list. these are people -- matt
FOX News
Dec 29, 2012 3:00pm PST
to the president who had promised during his campaign to raise taxes on the wealthy. katherine field is a correspondent for global radio news and joins us live on the phone from paris. thank you for joining us this evening. so what kind of blow is this politically to france's president? >> it's an embarrassing blow to him. he had made this tax rate hike a key platform of his manifesto. he said it would be a tax that would be france's rich helping the nation during harsh economic times. also the fact, this is thrown out by the constitutional court on a technicality. it was deemed to be not fair because it would be applied to individuals rather than households. so it looked as though the governed had been lobbying how it put the bills together, rushed it through parliament and put it before the constitutional court. is so it made everything look too fast and shabby. kelly. >> kelly: katherine, based on that, does that mean -- will that mean that he can actually resubmit a new law and if so, does this -- today's decision only equal a decision that is a temporary setback? >> indeed. it i
Dec 8, 2012 5:00am PST
the hospital, tricked a nurse to get information about katherine's condition. well, that nurse was found dead friday of an apparent suicide. she leaves behind a husband and two children. > the two deejays are suspended and the ceo of the station's parent company says he's confident his company did nothing illegal. >>> and more now on that story. cnn's matthew chance joins us live. matthew, good morning. this story certainly generating outrage not only in britain but around the world. >> reporter: yeah, it certainly is. a lot of outrage, a lot of anger being expressed on the social media pages of the radio station in sydney, australia where the two deejays made their prank call from, also the nurse obviously has been named as jacintha saldanha, a 46-year-old mother of two. she was married from the english city of bristol but lived a short distance from here in the week where when she was working here at the edward vii hospital in central london in the staff quarters there. that's where her body was found. yeah, you're right. a lot of anger expressed on the social media about this. also a lot o
Dec 26, 2012 7:00am EST
of the pulitzer prize. also winners of the pulitzer prize, katherine boo and applebaum, amanda foreman, national book critics circle winner laura and robert. and, finally, dave eggers. and stephen king, recipient of the national book foundation's medal for distinguished contributions to american letters. please join me in recognizing these great american writers. [applause] i would like to thank our financial supporters without him we could not bring you the awards, or our programs. again, i will ask you to hold your applause until i read the list. premier sponsors, barnes & noble, thanks guys, random house, the ford foundation, leadership sponsors, clinton meyer book publishing papers, a division of central national, coral graphics, penguin, and sponsors amazon, google, harper collins, stephen king, and deborah wiley, thank you. [applause] now for something special. i'd like to acknowledge in our audience the winners of our fourth annual innovation and reading prize funded by the lavender foundation. if you are worried about the next generation of book lovers, just listen to this list and again
Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm PST
amordazamiento de un hombre fue instruido en san francisco, a katherine conocida como killer se imputaron cargos por robo y portación de armas, stephen y unaa mujer fueron encontrados amordazados, uno mirio por un balazo y el otro logro sobrevivir >> el presidente barack obama y lideres del congreso se unieron a puertas cerradas para discutir la solución al abismo fiscal >> el poabama intentó llegar a un acuerdo para evitar lo que se conoce como el precipicio fiscal los congresistas se fueron sin hacer un acuerdo >> ya no queda tiempo para generar esto, podemos esperar un acuerdo temporal. >> los republicanos dicen que el presidente quiere gastar mucho, los demócratas dicen que los republicanos están protegiendo a los ricos, el presidente barack obama demanda más impuestos para los ricos >> los miembros de la cámara baja tendrán que regresar a la capital, en la calle muchos ni saben lo que es el precipicio fiscal >> ¿usted sabe lo que es el precipicio fiscal? >> no. >> >> ¿usted sabe lo que es el precipicio fiscal? no sé. >> mientras todos discuten, millones de personas pagaran el pre
Dec 4, 2012 7:00am PST
. if that doesn't get you in the holiday spirit, nothing will. that's katherine jenkins. we're going to hear more from you this morning. that is great, isn't it? >> i'm in the mood, now, for christmas. >> you have to wait for lara. she's out in front of buckingham palace this morning. been there all morning long. great to hear all of the reports from london this morning. >>> we have plenty of star power in our studio this morning. we have jessica biel, starring in not one, but two movies. she's going to tell us all about both of them opening on friday. she also is a newlywed. we'll talk about married life, as well. that's she and her hubby. a very talented guy named justin. >> gorgeous lady. >>> it's amazing to stand this close to katherine. when you hear that sound, it actually comes out of a person. you think it's like manufactured or something. but your voice is so incredibly beautiful. unbelievable. there's more of that to come. >>> also, gold medalist, gabrielle douglas is here live. and this is one powerful little lady here. and she's going to tell us why she almost gave up on gymnastics. >
Dec 29, 2012 7:00am PST
and gagged on a san francisco street. the authorities say 26-year-old katherine wong is being held on $2 million bail. a man and woman were found bound and beaten december 9th. a man -- that man later died from a gunshot wound and the woman is still recovering at a hospital. she is expected to survive. >>> graffiti is on the rise in san francisco. large murals are often the targets. all around san francisco vandals have been defacing murals even along clarion alley which is considered kind of a street museum of murals. the public works department says it's had almost 22,000 requests for graffiti cleanup in san francisco this year. >>> a good sign for the san jose sharks and the nhl. the players association and its owners are set to go back to the bargaining table tomorrow. a new contract offer seems to have broken the ice, so to say, between the two sides. time is running out, though, to get a deal done and play a season minimum of 48 games. the league hopes to meet the deadline of january 11th, start training camp the next day and open the season january 19th. >>> it has been a busy
Dec 4, 2012 7:00am PST
. >> prince william and his wife katherine, expecting their first child. >> after the duchess was admitted to hospital. >> that child could grow up to be one of the most powerful unemployed people in the world. >> a search is under way in new york for a man accused of pushing another man to his death in the subway. >>> rg3, he made opportunities. >> 17-16 washington redskins. >> all that -- >> why don't you shut up? >> you are an embarrassment. >> please shut up. just shut up. >> you shut up. >> that got annoying at the end. >>> and all that matters. >> let the speculation begin. will and katherine are expecting a baby. but what happens if they have twins? >> the top baby names of 2012 were just announced and sophia is the top name for girls and aiden is the top name for boys. >> sochlt pphia and aiden. least popular, kim jong and sandusky. captioning funded by cbs republicans seem to be at a standstill. >> on monday gop leaders made their counter offer to president obama and officials quickly dismissed it. major garrett is at the white house this morning. good morni
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm PST
police officers and have to have people with jobs and opportunity and more hope. >> reporter: katherine is not convinced safety issues are addressed. she says she'll walk home from this meeting at her own peril. >> i'm not on a suicide mission. but it's very upsetting. it's very upsetting. one ought to be able to walk to a neighborhood middle school without being so scared. >> if you've had a cell phone or laptop stone recently, take a good look at this stuff. is any of this yours? san francisco police just busted a major fencing ring and they found half a million dollars worth of laptops, cell phones and cameras. most of it stolen from cars in san francisco and oakland. three people under arrest tonight police believe they are part of a larger crime ring. >> extension to san jose has run into or rather flown into a unique problem. birds. and a lot of them. cbs 5 ann notaranelo says it is costing you a fortune. >> reporter: freemont central park, a favorite nesting spot for more than 500 species. >> during the peak of construction in 2011 i thought we were at war with birds. it was like
Dec 17, 2012 5:30am PST
were killed. >> charlotte daniel olivia josephine anna dillon madeleine katherine chase jesse james grace emily jack god has called them all home. for those of us who remain, let us find the strength to carry on and make our country worthy of their memory. >> in his emotional speech, he showed he can talk the talk when it comes to gun control issues. now comes the hard part -- convincing politicians that this massacre means it's finally time to change. al-jazeera, newton, connecticut. >> the u.s. has been reluctant to oppose restrictions compared to other countries. last year, killing 77 people in norway, a country with far tighter regulations and they have since tightened their terror laws and finland had made a choir to acquire handguns. in 1996, a mass shooting in tasmania left 35 people did. they have not seen a big decline in gun related deaths. that same year, a massacre in scotland leaving 17 people dead. it led to laws which effectively make it illegal to own a handgun in the united kingdom. guy smith is a gun owner and civil libertarian. he says the right to bear arms in th
Dec 4, 2012 5:00pm PST
this edition of "newsline." i am katherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
Dec 5, 2012 4:00am PST
estimates for every dollar murphy is paid, the return on average for his last 3 films is $2.30.katherine heigl logs second with a return of $3.40. reese witherspoon is third at $3.90. sandra bullock at 4th with $5, and jack black rounds out the list at $5.20. still to come, how friction in washington is chipping away at the economy. chuck coppola has a report. but first, places to park your money in 2013 is next, with bill moller. in the eyes of the world, the u.s. is poised to become laggards instead of leaders if congress and the president fail to resolve the fiscal crisis beyond any short-term fix. in our cover story, that's how diane swonk, sr. economist at miserow financial, described the participants who, as swonk put it, "have not done what they need to do." diane swonk, sr. economist at mesirow financial, expects the u.s. economy will face a $200 billion fiscal drag next year, the effect of a negotiated deal that includes resuming the 6% payroll tax, limiting unemployment extensions and discretionary cuts. according to swonk, it's about far more than reforming tax rates. "the rea
Dec 11, 2012 6:00pm PST
's evergreen school district. superintendent katherine gomez has now sent a letter to parents and admits she was legally required to report the allegations to law enforcement and failed to do so. gomez says district wide training about mandatory reporting laws is now taking place. they are also launching a child assault prevention program for students. >>> the moraga school board will describe three claims of sexual abuse and a lawsuit filed by students in tonight's school district meeting. the students claim to have been abused by a teacher in the 90s. >>> users will start to see the change within the next comes days. >>> fresh crab will soon be available in restaurants across the bay area. crab fishermen are getting their pots ready after agrees to $3 a pound. boats have been docked since december 5th following a price drop of $2.50 a pounds. fresh crab should be back in stores and restaurants by friday. >>> the weather system affecting the bay area. very different than the one we saw a week ago that was warm and moist. this is very cold and not that wet. there'll be rain but not a lot bec
Dec 20, 2012 4:30am PST
as possible. >>reporter: allison and katherine will be laid to rest along with the principal. newtown connecticut bid farewell to 27-year-old teacher victoria. >> paul simon was a family friend of victoria and played the sound of silence. >> many gathered at the university for a trick actual to -- tribute to newtown connecticut and president barack obama is pledging to take action, a newly formed group, newtown united is advocating gun legislation. >> if we don't follow up on this their deaths are in vain. >> reporter: nancy lanza had just returned from a short trip to a luxury resort to new hampshire. in recent years, she felt comfortable in leaving her son at home unsupervised. >> and we'll see a total of 6 funerals and tomorrow that will be a day of mourning. church bells will be running 26 times for each victim at 9:30 a.m., the exact same time the shooting happened, back to you. >>> members of the sikh community came together to remember the victims of the newtown shootings. earlier they were hit with a similar tragedy, when a man killed 6 people before shooting himself. >>> and
Dec 23, 2012 11:00pm PST
and today it belongs to his granddaughter katherine rose. >> my teddy, i sleep with him all night long. >> reporter: it would be simply to see christmas always as a child sees it and in a way mike mcgee still sees christmas through the eyes of a child. >> i really do through the eyes of our grandchildren. because that's what christmas is about. it's about children and they're enjoying him. and they're hardly waiting for santa claus. >> oh it's christmas, once more. -- >> that's it for this week's second loo
Dec 28, 2012 12:00pm PST
steven reid dead and a woman badly beaten. today charges were filed against katherine wong, charged with murder, assault and being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm. >> there is a thousand pages of discovery according to the district attorney that will be turned over sometime next week. all i have right now are the charges and i don't think i have very much to say yet. >> now five other people have also pleaded not guilty in the case. one of them tyler miller, had her bail increased today from 15,000 to 50,000 dollars. >>> police say the defendants knew the victims. >>> well steve paulson is up in a few minutes. >> i am kyla campbell in washington, d.c. happening right now the president is meeting with congressional leaders about the fiscal cliff. what other lawmakers are saying about the lack pouf of progress on a deal. >> steve paulson will be up in a few minutes to tell you about the light rain moving this way and what you can expect in your neighborhood over the weekend. >>> 100 years of muni, we will show you footage from the early days. [ female announcer ] this is a spe
Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm PST
26-year-old katherine uong is now the sixth person charged with the death of a man, a woman is now recovering. george gascon signaled a possible motive. >> it looks like there's fraudulent use of credit cards. >> they found blank credit cards and list of numbers and security codes at this house. the suspects went to this house after the assault to remove bloodied carpet. >>> avenue russia's president signed a new law banning americans from adopting from the country. ann rubin poke to the family that is hoping to get their little girl. >> reporter: they're holding on to their plane tickets and holding on hope even though the ban takes effect january first. in san francisco there's fear, that adoptions already in the works are in jeopardy. this woman asks that we not identify her. >> i love my daughter very much, i miss her. i want to be reunited with her. and i want to bring her home. >> there's a 3-year-old in a russian orphanage who already calls her mom. >> we agreed first thing this morning, let's keep going. because if she doesn't finish the training she can't go to russia. >>
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